Engage Your Core

Having taken dance classes for almost 14 years now, I have learned, unfortunately, very few things. The extent of my knowledge is very small. You should never dance with your back to the audience. Always turn out your feet. When in doubt, opposite arm, opposite leg. Never dance without stretching. The second day is always worse after a workout. You should use your core to balance.

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Every time should be like the first time

Firsts are a unique thing. The first time you do something, no matter what, ┬áit will always be unlike any other time. It may be scarier, lonelier or more exciting than the other times. Your first day of school is surely a thousand times different than your 100th day. Your first disco is an experience so surreal still in your memory that you will never forget the sweaty boys. Your first kiss will remain ingrained in your memory forever. They are incomparable to other times, because they are a different experience altogether. Continue reading “Every time should be like the first time”

Feeling authentic

As this blog slowly, very slowly, increases, so does the enjoyment of and desire for writing. The subjects I study in college focus a lot on writing, and so subsequently I spend a lot of time planning and writing. But when I write here, for me, it feels different. Continue reading “Feeling authentic”

Stalling inevitably and eventually comes to a halt

Ah, procrastination. Every student’s frenemy. The putting off of, and delaying of important tasks that must be done seems ridiculous when thought upon. Why would you avoid something you inevitably have to do? Surely that would create problems for you in the future, she says wisely. And she is right. It does. But why are important and daunting things avoided? Continue reading “Stalling inevitably and eventually comes to a halt”

We should celebrate not only diversity, but uniformity

With so much talk and advertisement, mainly aimed at children and teenagers, to “be themselves”, to not be afraid to “be different and stand out from the crowd”, it is a wonder how they are not afraid to enjoy activities which may render them “the same” as everyone else. Children are encouraged to pursue what they themselves enjoy, not what is deemed “cool”. But, paradoxically, this strive for diversity has itself almost become a trend- the very thing it was created to avoid. Continue reading “We should celebrate not only diversity, but uniformity”

Appearance vs Reality: Not Only in Shakespeare

One of the most common themes English students must study is the concept of Appearance versus Reality in literature. How things appear to be, are not always the case. Looks can be deceiving, with or without an Instagram filter. This is not only found in literature. Today’s version of this is, of course, social media. Polished, successful and happy versions of people are uploaded to your computer or phone screen, for you to regard with envy. We obviously do not want to promote the other side of us; the one that wears no make-up and stays in pyjamas a lot longer than necessary. The contrast between the person we promote on social media, and the one we are is known only to us. We are all aware of this concept. Continue reading “Appearance vs Reality: Not Only in Shakespeare”

How Long Until I’m Wise?

Adulthood, without doubt, comes with the responsibility to not only have responsibility and be responsible, but also to make immense choices which can wholly determine your future. The obvious choices are made with, most often, the supervision of parents, or a higher authority. The choice of further education is constantly tinged with information, advice and gently nudging to, in what in theirs eye is, the right direction. The powers that be, however, the ones that have a tight grip on the reigns of your departure from adolescence and into adulthood, seem to pick and choose when they impart their influence on you. Continue reading “How Long Until I’m Wise?”