Introduction and Reasoning: The Beginning

A fore note to those reading should this blog ever be found;

I apologise in advance for the static writing style throughout this blog. Though I am (currently) a 1st Year university English student- who has an A1 in English from the aul LC under her belt too, it does not mean that my personal writing should follow the same trend, though I do try. When I am not quoting someone else or analysing someone else’s work, my writing slowly but surely drops its standard to clearly reveal the author behind it; a 19 year old girl.

My apologises are also extended to you as if you read these entries, you are subject to my horribly selfish rants. I do not for one second try to say that I am not selfish. I am. Many of these entries will revolve around my trivial, personal and monumental events and problems that occur to me. The inspiration for starting a personal writing project was due to the overwhelming wave I felt on a Wednesday of study, work, and lack of time for myself.

Horrifying. I know.

Yet at the same time, I do not apologise for this. As I don’t think anyone should for something similar. Yes, I know what some of you will say. Do I not know that there are children dying in Africa? Am I not aware of the atrocities in Syria?

My answer to you people, is yes. Yes I know about those horrific events, even if it is from those haunting Concern and Trocaire ads on TV, or Twitter. But just because there are troubles elsewhere in the world,  does that mean I should subject myself to ignoring the latent build-up of pressure in my chest I feel at the thought of my English exam on Saturday?

My problems are mine. I did not ask any of you to read this. You picked it up of your own accord- or clicked upon it. However, you are now fully aware that this blog will contain the ramblings of a teenager and yes, they’re selfish. And though they may seem trivial to you, they cause tears to spring up in my eyes if I focus on them too much.

So there. Welcome to my blog of musings, rants, worries, memories and plans. Enjoy the bad grammar, the uneven writing style and most of all, the dramatics and the bitching. I am a drama queen at heart.

I hope you know what you have let yourself in for!


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