Every time should be like the first time

Firsts are a unique thing. The first time you do something, no matter what,  it will always be unlike any other time. It may be scarier, lonelier or more exciting than the other times. Your first day of school is surely a thousand times different than your 100th day. Your first disco is an experience so surreal still in your memory that you will never forget the sweaty boys. Your first kiss will remain ingrained in your memory forever. They are incomparable to other times, because they are a different experience altogether. They are a learning curve, and sometimes a stepping stone. Firsts are always remembered. Picking out your seventh kiss does not always come as easily to mind. There is something unique, something special about your first time at anything. Quite often, it incorporates an element of fear, excitement and sweat- no one ever gets nervous without sweating. It is a special thing that should be remembered.

Of course, some firsts are not as important or poignant as others. The first apple you ever ate is not in the same league as your first best friend. Yet no matter what, the first of something is a special event. But sometimes the more it is repeated, no matter what it is, we can forget how special and exciting the first time was. The respect we had for the event, the respect that made us apprehensive becomes diminished the more we repeat it and possibly, take it for granted. It becomes part of our routine. We do it daily. It changes from something that we were excited to try, to something that is done without thinking.

But I think that everything should be like the first time, whether it is the first time you rode a bike, or the first time you noticed how much your parents care for you , and the gratitude you felt. The feelings we felt upon the first time we underwent a big moment in our lives or the first time we noticed feelings about someone, or something should be respected. If we forget, or take for granted something that was once important to us, we lose those special moments. The ephemeral moments of doing something for the first time cannot be replaced, but it can be recreated.

Remember the first time you saw your dog.

Remember how you couldn’t sleep on Christmas Eve,  when you understood who Santa Claus was.

Remember how you felt when you got your first A.

Don’t let go of the eagerness to please on your first job.

Try and keep these feelings with you, and life can seem so much more fulfilling. Everything should be, and can be, like the first time. Because these are moments that we remember most.


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