How You Know You Have Met Your Soul Mate in BFF Form

Ah, the one. We spend our lives searching for them. Someone with the face of Ryan Reynolds, and the heart of Brad Pitt. Someone to come home to and enjoy pizza with. Magazines and websites dedicate their lives to showing you the way to finding them, how to look for them, how to attract that special someone. But let’s forget about the romantic one for a second. What about the platonic one? Someone who knows the inner-workings of your mind, who can tell when you need to eat and who understands you better than anyone else. Your best friend. So while you are on your search to find your romantic other half, here’s how you know you have already found them, in friend form.

1. You agree on everything.

You and your best friend share the same opinion on everything, and everyone. In fact, asking them for their opinion is somewhat pointless, as you know you are just going to hear exactly what you think, but from their mouth. You both have the same likes and dislikes, which makes eating out very easy. The two of you may as well run the world. You both know what to do in every situation, and are always right, of course. Two minds are better than one.


2. Her news is your news.

Your best friend got a promotion? A significant other? The genuine happiness you feel at hearing their news is almost equal to hers. You celebrate your successes together, as you do with your commiseration. You know she felt the same sadness as you did when your cat died. And you know when you have some exciting gossip or news, she is the first person you tell.


3. Her family are never surprised to see you.

Whether they knew you were coming or not, their parents and sibling are never surprised to find you joining them for dinner or breakfast. It has become such a common occurrence that in fact, they sometimes ask if you’re still alive when they haven’t seen you in a while. Because let’s face it, you’re part of the family at this stage.


4. Sharing is caring.

The two of you share everything. You never feel that pang of jealousy when she buys a gorgeous new top because you know you will eventually and inevitably borrow it. You hear so much about her boyfriend/girlfriend that you feel you are also in the relationship, in a non-weird way. It comes to a point that when you are shopping, you see something and think that she would like it too, and so into the Penneys basket it goes. What’s yours, is hers.


5. Telepathy is real.

The two of you need no words to communicate. One look signifies all. A quick glance at a party can tell you so much; when it’s time to go home, when you’ve found someone you like the look of, when you’ve had too much vodka. You are both so in sync no words are needed. Soul mates indeed!


Who cares if you haven’t the one yet. You have something much better, that will no doubt last longer. You have found your soul mate, in your best friend. They know everything about you, your deep dark secrets and have photographic evidence of some questionable outfit choices from way back when.  The both of you are so in sync, you sometimes regret that you aren’t a couple. But at least this way, you know you can never break up. She knows too much…

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