Run, Joey, Run

How great is that, as women, we are lucky enough to have one day every four years to convert traditional relationship structures? Today is Feburary 29th, which makes 2016 a leap year. But more importantly, today is the only day that women are allowed to propose to men. But actually, thinking about, one day every four years seems a bit greedy. Wouldn’t want the patriarchy to get the wrong idea, now would we?
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A Gentle Reminder

The subject of consent is not one that is touched upon greatly in the Irish education system. Mainly because to broach the topic of consent, is to talk about sex. So, let me rephrase that. Sex is not touched upon greatly in the Irish education system, unless you count an incredibly awkward and scarring video you watch in Sixth class, followed by a very brief and equally awkward overview of contraception about five years later, and about five years too late.

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