My Liebster Award Nomination

WARNING: This post may sound like an Oscars acceptance speech. Because it basically it is, in my eyes.

This weekend I went to London with my friends to celebrate my friend’s 21st. I mean, it was fun and all, but what I really enjoyed was receiving this comment under my latest post, from a lovely fellow blogger:

“Brilliantly written as usually 🙂 By the way i wanted to let you know I have nominated you for a Liebster Award ( 🙂 Please keep writing I love your posts!” 

And I can tell you, it made me smile (and I’m still smiling now).  I haven’t had my blog very long, I think I started it in May 2015, with a small hiatus in between then. But I think it’s clear from my posts that I have begun to find my way in what I want to, and what I enjoy to write about it. Starting this blog helped me find my niche, and I am so glad I made that WordPress account that night. It is only since I started writing about feminism have I begun to see a change in my previously empty statistics, and this nomination, for me, cements the idea that maybe I am on the right path.

So, I would like to thank Dreaminess for nominating me, because your one comment made me whole weekend! After following some fairly big blogs and seeing them nominated for several blog awards, it feels like I’m beginning to make my way into the WordPress community.

And this goes without saying, everyone go check out her blog! We only started following each other recently but I really like her posts. DO IT!

Just like Ines, I wasn’t too familiar with the terms and conditions that come attached to a Liebster Award, but it seems to be a way of connecting and promoting new blogs. Upon acceptance of this grand award, you must thank who nominated you (thank you thank you!), nominate a few other blogs, answer the questions the person who nominated you asked, and then ask new questions for your nominees! I’m out of breath just thinking about it.

The Liebster Award is means through which us bloggers can connect and support each other, so I would like to nominate some blogs that I enjoy for their own Liebster Award:

1: Half Girl Half Teacup

2:  The Petal Effect

3: It’s Always A Spark

4: Feminist Babes

5: Äse’s Space

Ines also included 11 questions to me, as part of the rules, so here are my answers!

Q.1. What book has inspired you the most?

As an English student, I’m ashamed to say that this question stumped me when I first read it. The majority of my course demands a hell of a lot of reading, but does it get done? Eh… I do love reading, and I hope to get back into it this summer and next year when I’m in France, and immerse myself back in the world of words. But for now, I’d have to say Caitlin Moran’s How to Be a Woman. I read it quite recently, this summer just gone, during my internship and I have to say, I got through it so quickly. I couldn’t put it down. I read it at the very start of my feminism conversion, and Moran’s frank, honest and simply funny account of feminism and the reasons why it’s necessary is a huge reason why I’m a feminist now. If any of you are unsure of what feminism is, and want to learn more about it in a light-hearted way, read it. I promise you it won’t et you down.

Q.2. What movie has inspired you the most?

Another toughie. I can’t say I’ve been inspired by any movie, but I always remember a line from the film Breathe In, starring Felicity Jones who is so gorgeous she makes me sad, that struck me and made me write about it. Her character speaks about wanting to  choose what she does in her life, and not be forced to do something. Unlike most films I watch, her speech resonated with me and I spent the rest of the film thinking about those very lines. It struck me because it is such a simple notion, yet it is so easy to not do what you want to do, and do what you should do. It’s easy to do the “right” thing, usually because it’s the easiest. What’s more difficult is doing what you actually want to do, because it can be scary.

Q.3. Who inspires you the most?

The person who inspires me the most, and who has inspired me previously, is a dance teacher-turned-friend. She started out as a dance teacher, but now she is much more. SHe is always encouraging of me, whether it was auditioning for a drama college, or fighting battles at home. I value her opinion and her guidance, and she has had a huge influence over my life, and helped me to get where I am today.

Q.4. What’s 3 things that drive you nuts?

When people suck air in through their teeth. It. Drives. Me. CRAZY. It’s irritating and awful and all things in between. Another thing that annoys me is when people don’t make efforts in relationships, whether it’s cancelling plans last-minute or simply giving me the “seen”. I ain’t got time for people like that. And the last thing that really grinds my gears is snoring. No matter how close we are, if you’re a snorer, you are not sleeping in the same room as me. End of.

Q.5. What’s 3 things you couldn’t live without?

Pizza. Noodles. Pizza. In that order.

Q.6. If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would you live?

I’m lucky because the only place I have a desire to live in, I will be living there in a few months. France, I’m coming for you. I don’t have the travel bug, but I would like to live or visit somewhere that is aesthetically and culturally very different from what I know. That’s the point of travel anyway, isn’t it?

Q.7. How will the future look?

Bleak. I imagine everything will be reduced to a screen, or a gadget. Emotions will reduce to emojis and we will all communicate through Skype and work from home. No but seriously, I do worry about the advancement (is that a word?) of technology, and think there is a point where we need to reign it in. On a more positive note, I hope the future will hold a world where feminism is a memory.

Q.8. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Everyone seems to love the idea of flying, but I’m very happy taking the bus. What I would love would be to either read minds, or be invisible. So I can hear what people really say. And I would use that power for good, promise.

Q.9. What’s your favourite thing in the whole world?

When you come home from a long day, and the house is warm and your bed is warm and you just sit on it and feel your whole body relax. Bliss. Pizza is also another strong contender.

Q.10. If you only had one day to live, how would you spend it?

I would spend it with the people I am closest to and who make the happiest. It would also involve pizza.

And to those I nominated, I would like to know…

Q.1. Why do you have a blog?

Q.2. What did you want to be when you were younger?

Q.3. What scares you?

Q.4. What’s your dream career?

Q.5. What does feminism mean to you?

Q.6. What’s one thing you would never try again?

Q.7. Why do you like writing?

Q.8. What are 3 random facts about yourself?

Q.9. What’s your most prized possession?

Q.10. Which do you prefer, your birthday or Christmas/another holiday that you celebrate?

So that’s it from me, and my first blog award. Thank you again to Ines at Dreamines for nominating me, and I hope to continue this spread of blogger friendship to the blogs I nominated! Live long and write well, my friends.

(P.S after finishing this post, I have read different variations of the rules so I’m not sure if I did 100% right but sure look, it’s the thought that counts).




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