Time For A Change

It’s coming on a year since I’ve had this blog, and like all good relationships, I feel both it and myself have grown. We’re not the same girl and laptop we were when we started (even though we are but I’m trying to be poetic), but we’ve grown in the sense of the content that we produce. Me and my laptop. We’re a little team.

I’ve been toying with the idea of a new blog for a while now. While it seems a bit ambitious to create a whole new site, because I’m still getting the grips of the whole, yano, posting regularly thing on this one. But it seems to me, and hopefully the small few that read this blog, that I am finding the path down which I see the content I want to write.

With that being said, I think the time has come to dedicate myself to the cause. In a few weeks, probably after my exams and expected break-downs, I will give this blog an over-haul and turn it into a fully fledged feminism blog. (you have no idea how sad I am that I couldn’t find a synonym for blog beginning with “f”, gotta love alliteration).

This idea has been in my head a while a now, but I’ve had reservations. Why should I change the very premise of the blog? It’s not like I only write about feminism. Will that be limiting myself? What if I want to write about other things?

The answer is no. I will not be limiting myself. In fact, I think devoting this blog to purely feminism content will actually better me. I’m already looking at Masters programmes and I definitely want to go down the feminism/gender studies path, so running and writing a purely feminism site won’t do any harm.

It will push me to find topics to write about, forcing me to tackle issues that I am not so clear on, whether in comprehension or opinion. It will force me to put my opinions and thoughts out there, risking some negative feedback. It will force me to write.

That’s not to say that I can’t write about other things. It just means that the aim of it will be feminism, and discussing feminist issues. (I mean, it will probably just be a new title and theme but shhh… I’m excited).

But that’s not my only news. As well as this blog overhaul, I am going to introduce … A brand new blog!

I’ve written about it briefly before, check it out here, but come September/October, this little feminist is packing her things up and moving to France for a year. I haven’t left the country, let alone chosen what I’m going to do over there just yet, and I’m already stuck.

I figure there are loads of people out there like me, stuck between choosing what t do, what to study, where to go etc, and especially in Ireland. Ireland is such a small community, yet it has been tough to find out abut Erasmus or teaching experiences from people using the same organisation, colleges etc as me.

My new blog will be dedicated to my year abroad…. which, I just realised, kind of gives it a short shelf life. But anyway. I will detail the stress, the worry, and the (hopefully) joy of moving away. I will blog about the organisation process, my thought process, what my options were, how I find my accomodation etc. And hopefully someone out there will get some use out of it!

I hope to start this one sooner than the feminist revamp, as I am already in the midst of year abroad planning. I want it to become a space that Irish students, (and other students, obvs), can use to hear Erasmus stuff explained in simple terms. Because believe me, it’s confusing. And I hear it’s only going to get worse….

So that’s what I have to say. Be expecting a few changes coming up, as I try to tackle a whole new blog, a revamp of this one, and my exams. Ha. Wish me luck!


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