The Feminist Goes To France

Remember when I said that I was going to make a new blog? And that it would probably take a while because of college work?


Remember how I’m an expert procrastinator? Last night, when I should have been doing my dissertation homework, I made my new blog. Oops.

It’s called The Feminist Goes To France (heh, proud of that name) and it’s only in its baby stages. It took me ages to build up not only the content of this blog, but also the stats so I’m not expecting a million notifications on my latest post over there. I do feel like I know how to work WordPress a little better now, so hopefully that will help it get its feet off the ground. It might be a little slow starting off, as I have to wait and hear back from the organisation where I will be placed etc., but this is a long term project. I will be blogging the entire experience, not just the admin side.

But for now, please go have a look! I’m hoping to maybe the next post up tonight or the following evening. Have a read of the latest post, and if you’re interested in learning about my journey to France, give it a follow. But sure even if you don’t, I’m sure some stuff from it will pop up over here …. sorrynotsorry.



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