A New Look, A New Direction

Today was my last exam- finally! Not that I really had that many … I only had four and they were spaced out quite nicely but still … when you’re lazy like me, exam season kills ya. While I’m finished sweating trying to write four pages in an hour and holding in my pee and sneezes in a drafty hall, I still have one more essay to write. But instead, I’ve spent the last little while on here. Introducing … My new and improved blog!

A few weeks ago I posted about my impending blog overhaul, that was planned for after my exams. And I’m going to be honest, I have been itching to do this ever since I had the idea. I have so many ideas for the new blog, new series, new posts, new everything.

First up, a new theme. Pretty straight forward, but I feel it’s a little  more clean and more … professional, I suppose? I don’t know. I felt like a change anyway, there are so many themes in WordPress that it’s very tempting to change every week.

Next, my new-ish name. I like my name of “Just Some Things I Think”, but as I mentioned before, I do not think my writing is a feeble attempt. It has grown a lot since I first started writing, as has my content. My content has now changed direction, which I’m sure you could tell from the past while. My last year blogging has given me the confidence to make this change of direction. Just Some Things I Think: A Feminist’s Outlook better summarises how I want my blog to appear. It is a space where I will record my thoughts, and a feminist outlook.

Scrolling down through my old posts you can see the transition, it almost depicts my conversion to feminism, which makes it sound like I joined a cult. I didn’t, I merely saw the light. (lols).

My journey to feminism was a gradual, yet at the same time, was sudden. I can’t really remember what it was that made me suddenly see the need for feminism. Some of it was my reading of books (hint hint of one of my new series), some of it was merely looking around me. Some more was my learning in college, others was talking to those around me. All of these things combined led me to not only see the need for feminism, but to give me the confidence to embrace the term.

I have no shame in saying I am feminist. I want this blog to not only be a space where I will explore feminist issues, but also to be a space where others will learn, and hopefully join me in the claiming of the title. I want to help them see what I saw, and see everyday. If I can make one person a feminist just from typing some words in my pyjamas, then I think I’ll have done well.

Fully embracing my interest and passion for this topic has me so excited. I’m not going to give away any of my ideas or series for the blog just yet, but they will start coming your way soon, very soon. I want to not only look at feminist issues, but also apply a feminist outlook as I further my knowledge. There’s no shame in admitting that you don’t understand a topic or you don’t know everything about it, because how else do you learn? I’ll put my hand up and say that I don’t know everything about feminism. And that is a-okay. I want to learn more, read more, and most importantly, write more about the topic.

But for now, I think I have procrastinated enough by doing this. I still have an essay to write for Monday so I should probably get on that … after this episode of The Good Wife. 



One thought on “A New Look, A New Direction

  1. Looking forward to reading more! Write, write, write while the desire is in you to do so! I am sure you’ll find it an effective way of exploring ideas just by writing them out!


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