I’m Still Here!

Hello, hello, hello people of WordPress and beyond. Long time no type. How y’all doin’? (I heard it. I won’t say it again. Promise). It has been an embarrassingly long time since I’ve blogged. Summer was supposed to be the time where my blog takes off, instead it’s been more stagnant than ever. I feel very guilty about neglecting my little space of internet.

At the start, I had no reason in particular. I lost touch with my writing and my feminism, and couldn’t find it inside me to write. But then, I got a job! A very short-term but highly enjoyable job. I interviewed for an editor job way back when in June, which I, at first, I didn’t get. But fast forward two months I was covering for the editor. This little writer, editing and being in charge of a website all by myself. While there was far too much responsibility and power for my own good, it was very short lived. I was only getting into the swing of things and gettin’ into my groove (again, I heard it) when I had to leave the job a week early for my holidays. I went to Spain for a few days with my boyfriend and had the most relaxing time ever, which is good, because I need all my energy for this week.

Right now, I’m typing this from Nantes, my future home in less than a month! I’m here trying to find accommodation and organise apartment visits so I won’t be homeless come October. It’s proving a little more gruelling than I thought. I haven’t had any viewings yet, but my very first night we ran into a protest which shook me, given the previous attacks in the country. I also have this weird internal pressure to be able to understand everything they’re saying to me, and to be able to respond. So it’s safe to say that the week hasn’t started off so far. I’ve only been here a few days and I’m drained.

I’m here for one week, and when I get back I’m straight into an internship with RTE.ie which I cannot wait for. While I did enjoy editing, I missed writing. I spent a lot of my time thinking of ideas for the contributors to write, when really I would have loved to have been writing them. And with this internship, I will be!

So it’s all go from here until I move. Which means I will be AWOL for another little while. But I really really hope that once I get settled in France, I can get back into it. Because I feel so guilty and miss blogging, I just need to get back into the stride of it.

À bientot!


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