Welcome to my blog. If you’re new, what have you been doing until now? And if you’re not new, thank you for sticking with me this long. This started off as a personal blog, filled with posts about anything and everything, has now turned into a fully fledged feminist blog. It was just another blog filled with the opinions of a lazy 20 year old, studying English and French, and mastering the art of procrastination. And honestly, it’s still that now. Except those opinions are now about all things feminist!

You may see a few personal posts crop up every now and then, but from now on I will be focusing my writing on exploring and tacking feminist issues. I love discussing these things people, so if you have any sort of opinion or thoughts on what I’m saying, hit me up brah. Comment on the posts and we can have a little discussion- the more the merrier! Don’t be shy. Feminism is for everyone, so let’s get … feminist-ing? Eh, I’ll work on it.

I hope you enjoy my thoughts and writings, and if you just can’t seem to get enough of me … Unfortunately for you all, I’ve recently started another blog about my upcoming move to France. Giz it a little read there: The Feminist Goes To France.

Happy reading and keep it equal (a new catchphrase? Perhaps. COPYRIGHT)

Also – if you’re admiring my new and insanely cool header as I am, that little ditty was made by my friend, Laura. She’s a very talented and very funny feminist, and you should go check her stuff out.




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