Time For A Change

It’s coming on a year since I’ve had this blog, and like all good relationships, I feel both it and myself have grown. We’re not the same girl and laptop we were when we started (even though we are but I’m trying to be poetic), but we’ve grown in the sense of the content that we produce. Me and my laptop. We’re a little team.

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A Gentle Reminder

The subject of consent is not one that is touched upon greatly in the Irish education system. Mainly because to broach the topic of consent, is to talk about sex. So, let me rephrase that. Sex is not touched upon greatly in the Irish education system, unless you count an incredibly awkward and scarring video you watch in Sixth class, followed by a very brief and equally awkward overview of contraception about five years later, and about five years too late.

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Swipe Left To Tinder

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, a phenomenon that goes by the name of Tinder has come in, downloaded itself onto almost all of our phones and taken over the dating game. Gone are the days when you would actually venture outside your bed and go out to meet someone, because, well, that requires effort. Continue reading “Swipe Left To Tinder”

How You Know You Have Met Your Soul Mate in BFF Form

Ah, the one. We spend our lives searching for them. Someone with the face of Ryan Reynolds, and the heart of Brad Pitt. Someone to come home to and enjoy pizza with. Magazines and websites dedicate their lives to showing you the way to finding them, how to look for them, how to attract that special someone. Continue reading “How You Know You Have Met Your Soul Mate in BFF Form”

6 Things No One Warns You About Going to College

So you’ve managed to survive the hell that was the Leaving Cert., and scraped the bare minimum points achieved your dream 625 points for your second first choice. Know what that means? You’re going to college! And while you may have some expectations of what life will bring you for the next three to four years, from the countless films like American Pie and High School Musical, to your parents and teachers giving you never-ending lectures about how things will change next year, there are some things that no one warns you about when preparing you for your new life ahead of you. However, these have been kindly compiled into a list by yours truly, so you will be a much smarter First Year than I was. Continue reading “6 Things No One Warns You About Going to College”