The Feminist Goes To France

Remember when I said that I was going to make a new blog? And that it would probably take a while because of college work?

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Much More Than a Trend

Maybe it is because I am getting older. Maybe I am becoming more perceptive and less naive as I grow up. Maybe it’s the heightened use of social media. Maybe it’s the subjects I study in college. Maybe it’s any, and all of the above, that have found me noticing more and more the need for feminism in today’s world. Continue reading “Much More Than a Trend”

Every time should be like the first time

Firsts are a unique thing. The first time you do something, no matter what, ┬áit will always be unlike any other time. It may be scarier, lonelier or more exciting than the other times. Your first day of school is surely a thousand times different than your 100th day. Your first disco is an experience so surreal still in your memory that you will never forget the sweaty boys. Your first kiss will remain ingrained in your memory forever. They are incomparable to other times, because they are a different experience altogether. Continue reading “Every time should be like the first time”